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About Ambulanse Midt-Norge

Ambulanse Midt-Norge HF is the regional ambulance service in Mid-Norway covering the counties Nord-Trøndelag, Sør-Trøndelag and Møre & Romsdal. The service is owned by the regional health authorities Helse Midt-Norge RHF.

The service consists of 100 ambulances and approximately 800 employees stationed at 68 ambulance stations, and 6 boat services. The main office is located at Stjørdal.

Contact information
E-mail:  postmottak@ambulanse-midt.no
For further contact information, see contact information listed on the norwegian site.


In case of medical emergency – dial 113!
When dialing 113 you reach the AMK (the medical emergency operators). The AMK order and coordinate the transportation with the ambulance, notifies essential resources like doctors, police and fire department, and provide necessary medical counseling.

Accidents do occur and it is important to be able to help providing immediate care if a familymember, co-worker, child or stranger becomes critically ill or is involved in an accident. Do not hesitate to call 113!


Primary doctors and medical help at your clinic
If the situation is not critical, contact your pediatrician or clinic for medical assistance. Every municipality in Norway has a 24h medical clinic service to ensure that immediate medical assistance is available. Between office hours, the medical care should preferably be provided by the pediatricians, if possible.


Transport to public health services
For information about patient rights and regulations considering transportion to and from publicly approved healthcare appointments, read more at www.pasientreiser.no/andre-spraak/english or see brochure in English, Somali and Urdu.


Read more about Norwegian health services at Helsenorge.no